Raspberry Jam

Pi Day is coming – It’s on March 14th.  And it’s 2015.  And because we’re such geeks, we can start at 2:26 PM – 9:26 PM UTC – to make the start time the awe-inspiring 3/14/15 9:26pm – 3.1415926!

A Raspberry Jam is

  • Your chance to learn about the Raspberry Pi computer
  • Your chance to share what you’ve been doing with your Pi
  • A chance to find out what other enthusiasts are doing with their Pis
  • A chance to have fun
  • A chance to have some pie

Come to Makerspace Nanaimo on Saturday, March 14th at 1PM to join in the fun.  There will be demos, discussions, explanations, a variety of Raspberry Pis set up to try out, and addon-on boards and more that let you do, well, pretty much anything you can imagine.  It’s free, it’s going to be fun, and everyone is welcome.

Take a look at http://www.raspberrypi.org to learn about this amazing little machine!

Software Smalltalk night


We’re having a great time down at the makerspace tonight.  It’s our Software Smalltalk Night, a weekly event every Tuesday for the more software-oriented members of us.  Whether you want to write code, learn to code, or even just see what everyone else is doing, it’s a great time to come down and take part!

As always, the rest of the spaaaaaace is also open to anyone and everyone!

Sebastian lead a great group project using Squeak for Scratch and a Kinect

A good crowd turned out tonight – even some of the 3D printing guys came by!IMG_20150210_193247Tim shows off the new Raspberry Pi 2