Level 2 Soldering Workshop

Notice: This post originally stated 2pm in error; the correct time is 1pm

Our level one soldering workshops have been quite popular and we’ve had some great feedback, and now it’s time to announce our level 2 soldering workshop!  In this workshop, participants will assemble and solder a Conway’s Game of Life kit, which includes soldering an Integrated Circuit, 16 LEDs and resistors, and more!

This workshop will take place on October 17th, 2015 at 1 PM.  Spaces are limited and you are strongly urged to sign up now if you’re interested!  The cost for this workshop will be $20 for Makerspace members, and $25 for the general public.  Please email soldering@makerspacenanaimo.org to reserve your spot.

Can’t make this workshop?  Keep your eyes peeled!  This workshop and others will be offered again in future!

Soldering Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn to solder?  You’ll get your chance!  Makerspace Nanaimo will be hosting a soldering workshop on September 26th, starting at 1pm, with a second workshop at 3pm.  Slots may be limited, so be sure to sign up early by emailing soldering@makerspacenanaimo.org!  Admission is free but you will need to purchase a kit to be able to participate.  All necessary tools and equipment will be provided, however you are more than welcome to bring your own.  Kits are $10 for Makerspace members and $15 for everyone else.

Can’t make this workshop?  Keep your eyes peeled!  This workshop will be offered again in future.

Pot Luck and Meeting

Hi Members,

Tonight (Tuesday Sept. 8) is our monthly Potluck from 6-7pm. Our semi-monthly General Meeting starts after the Potluck at 7pm.

We have had several new members register since our last meeting. I encourage everyone to come out and get to know each other.