Tube Amp Workshop

Tube Amp Workshop

Have you ever dreamed of owning an audio vacuum tube amplifier or even built your own?
Reading the schematic of a tube amplifier can seem like you’re staring at ancient Sanskrit!
    Victor Kung from VKMusic will be at Makerspace to guide you through the process of building your own amplifier.
You can either bring your own tube amp kit or choose from one of Victor’s. Choose from one of the following kits during the registration process,


You can sign up for the workshop at the following link as well as pick the amp you would like to build if interested.

These kits can be purchased at the Makerspace or directly from
TU-8100 C$ 285.00 (12% taxes included)
TU-8200 C$ 785.00 (12% taxes included)

Beware the TU8100 and TU 8200 might take two days to built.
You do not have that much time but still want to share the Makerspace experience? Pick one of these:
AMP $30
DAC $35
During the event we will have presentations on amps and speaker cabinets.

  • 10am Saturday 27th, Makerspace is opening the doors
  • 11am Saturday 27th, the workshop begins
  • 1pm Saturday 27th, Ryan Bouma the designer of the “The Elusive 1099” speaker kit. “Picking, Building, and Listening to a DIY Speaker Kit”. Ryan will present his kits, tell you anything about speakers and what what to consider when buying one. He will give you advice on how to measure your speaker project properly.
  • 2pm Saturday 27th, Victor Kung will present different tube amp designs and share his passion with you.
  • 3pm Saturday 27th, David Dlugos will informally speak on speaker design.
    (planet10-hifi, maker of EnABLed Fullrange drivers, flat-paks, frugel-horns included & bespoke finished loudspeakers).

If you are passionate about amps and speakers and would like to share your experience or try your equipment in combination with different components then come to Makerspace and bring your latest audio project.
This weekend is the perfect way to experience the Makerspace and meet other audiophile enthusiasts. Bring speaker drivers, amp circuit boards and hack a new optimized version of your DIY Pringle-CartoonBox-3Dprinted-LED-robotic audiophile project. Dissassamble your old desktop speakers and create something new.

Please register to make sure we have enough kits available.

In case you have any further questions please contact
We hope to meet you to this event at Makerspace.