Why be a Member?

Wondering why you’d want to be a member?  There are a lot of great reasons to join the makerspace!

  • Availability of tools
    We have a lot of tools available, from woodworking to metalworking to laser cutting to 3D printing to electronics, or more!  And if we don’t have the tools, we know who does!
  • Makerspace Discounts
    A number of wonderful places around town offer discounts or special options for members of the space.

    • BC Robotics
    • Industrial Plastics & Paint
    • Metal Supermarket
    • Thinkbox Manufacturing
  • Secure Project Storage
    Need somewhere to store your works in progress?  We offer a secure, safe place to store your smaller projects.  If it’s something big you need to keep, we can work with you to accommodate your needs.
  • Space to Work
    Need somewhere to work on a project where you can spread it out?  We have great, big tables with power at each post!
  • Friendly Support
    Our members are curious and friendly, happy to hear about your project or offer thoughts and suggestions, or just be quiet company.