Arduino Night

Arduino Night

We are back at it again starting this week! Wednesday January 14th BC Robotics will be hosting the first Arduino night of 2015. Officially we start at 7:00 PM and as always  there will be a selection of parts and accessories available for purchase from BC Robotics starting at 6:00 PM.

What is an Arduino Night?

An Arduino night is a gathering of people interested in Arduino. At an Arduino night people tinker, collaborate, and learn together in a fun social atmosphere.  At one table there may be a discussion about the best way to read multiple sensors and output the data to the web while at another table there may be a group working their way through the very basics of the Arduino Starter kit – there is always something for everyone!

What do I need to bring?

You do not need to bring anything to observe, but we do recommend brining a laptop and an Arduino microcontroller if you would like to really get into it. If you have an Arduino based project you are working on, bring that!

I don’t have an Arduino, can I pick one up at Arduino night?

Of course – BC Robotics will have an sampling of Arduino microcontrollers, accessories, and other prototyping materials available for browsing and purchase on site. Alternatively, if you have specific items in mind, please place the order ahead of time on their online store, select “local pickup” for the shipping option, and just let them know you will be attending the Arduino night.

Does this event cost anything?

If you are a member of Makerspace Nanaimo (Friend, Student, or Full)  this is a free event covered by your membership.  For non-members we do ask you to make a small $5.00 donation to the Makerspace to ensure events like this have a home in the future. If you would like to become a member, we will have members on hand to help you or you can sign up now online!