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Netgate & pfSense Donation

For those unaware, at Nanaimo Makerspace, our network is powered by pfSense – a free and open source enterprise grade firewall and router by Netgate. We currently have an older version (2.1 nanobsd 1g) installed on an older power hungry

General Meeting & Schedule Changes

Tuesday next week (January 26) at 7PM is our monthly General Meeting. On the agenda is: STEMosity update AGM is coming up soon Open House for anniversary Kids Conference followup Corporate Sponsors Please come out and get involved! Please note,

Level 2 Soldering Workshop

Notice: This post originally stated 2pm in error; the correct time is 1pm Our level one soldering workshops have been quite popular and we’ve had some great feedback, and now it’s time to announce our level 2 soldering workshop!  In this

Soldering Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn to solder?  You’ll get your chance!  Makerspace Nanaimo will be hosting a soldering workshop on September 26th, starting at 1pm, with a second workshop at 3pm.  Slots may be limited, so be sure to

Soldering Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn to solder?  You’ll get your chance!  Makerspace Nanaimo will be hosting a soldering workshop on July 25th, starting at 1pm.  Slots may be limited, so be sure to sign up early by emailing!

Tube Amp Workshop

Have you ever dreamed of owning an audio vacuum tube amplifier or even built your own? Reading the schematic of a tube amplifier can seem like you’re staring at ancient Sanskrit!     Victor Kung from VKMusic will be at

Raspberry Jam

Pi Day is coming – It’s on March 14th.  And it’s 2015.  And because we’re such geeks, we can start at 2:26 PM – 9:26 PM UTC – to make the start time the awe-inspiring 3/14/15 9:26pm – 3.1415926! A

Software Smalltalk night

  We’re having a great time down at the makerspace tonight.  It’s our Software Smalltalk Night, a weekly event every Tuesday for the more software-oriented members of us.  Whether you want to write code, learn to code, or even just

Shaw Go! Island January 26th

Shaw Go! Island Logo

On Monday, January 26th at 6PM, Shaw Go! Island will be on location at the makerspace to shine a spotlight on our members, our projects, and our community!  We’re looking for any interested makers to have their projects set up,

Raspberry Jam December 7th

Raspberry Jam – come and see what you can do with a Raspberry Pi computer A Raspberry Jam is your chance to find out about the Raspberry Pi computer* your chance to share what you’ve been doing with a Pi

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