MakeTime For Kids

MakeTime For Kids

On November 19, 2016 between 1 – 4 PM, we will be holding our second MakeTime event for the Nanaimo community, an event that we are holding monthly.


MakeTime is a children’s drop in event, geared towards ages 6 -14, with a focus on developing self-education skills. MakeTime’s focus is to provide a space for kids to “learn to learn,” with a variety of stimulating projects which will encourage each child to discover their own interests, and develop their own methods of diving into those interests.

During the three hours, we will be breaking the space into sections to provide a variety of open ended learning environments. A section leader will be provided within each section, and each child is to be accompanied by an adult guardian to help guide them (One adult is madatory for each child). Learning experiences will include basic woodworking, electrical circuit building and design, 3D printing, and a variety of STEM based kits will be available to build and experiment with. A $10 entrance fee (free for Members), will provide one child and adult pair access to the space for the event.

Makerspace has been attempting to create child focused programing since we opened in December 2013. After a great deal of deliberation throughout our leadership team and member base, we have decided to create a program that stayed true to what we are: an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation based on our own personal interests and ideas.

Makerspace has acquired enough materials and educational kits to initiate the first few MakeTime events. In order to continue offering a dynamic variety of educational experiences, we are still looking for donations both monetary and in-kind. Any donation of STEM learning kits, LEGO, VEX, Meccano, or any other modular building platform (used or new) would also be appreciated. As a Makerspace we are always looking for tools as well.

A big thank you to our current donors. Specifically Coastal Community Credit Union and RB Engineering. As well as Makespace Nanaimo sponsors BC Robotics, Canem Systems, Fastenal, Inuktun, Thinkbox Manufacturing, and VMAC.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our new community initiative. Also please consider a cash donation as cash provides the ability to ensure we are facilitating innovation with appropriate tools.