MakeTime For Kids – February 18

MakeTime For Kids –  February 18

Nanaimo Parents,

Makerspace Nanaimo will be holding our next monthly MakeTime For Kids event February 18th between 1pm – 4pm.

Our members have gotten together and are coordinating a monthly children’s event which is called “Maketime For Kids” (ages 5-14). We hold these events on the third Saturday of every month. The drop in fee is $10 per adult-kid pair (free for members), and we provide up to six STEM based activities for kids to experiment, build, learn, and play.

We are a Makerspace, which by definition is a community workshop. We provide a space and the tools for our membership to create and innovate. Members pay $40/month to be a part of our society and are given the ability to access the space 24/7. Our society is 95% funded solely by our member base. We have no paid staff and everyone that helps out does so on a volunteer basis. (There are some rare exceptions for select specialized workshops.)

If you would like to see these events continue and for us to expand what we provide to the community, please share our posts and/or consider becoming a member or volunteering. One of the feedback points that we get regularly is that people didn’t know we are doing this. We do not have a promotional budget and any promotions you see have been donated by one of our members. So please send this to someone who would be interested, share in your PAC/parent groups, or share on your wall!

Our greatest strength is drawn from an involved community. So come and join us and share our passion in creation and innovation.

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