Netgate & pfSense Donation

Netgate & pfSense Donation

For those unaware, at Nanaimo Makerspace, our network is powered by pfSense – a free and open source enterprise grade firewall and router by Netgate. We currently have an older version (2.1 nanobsd 1g) installed on an older power hungry server.

Netgate has just donated an SG-1000 to the Nanaimo Makerspace.  The donation packs a lot of punch compared to our existing hardware. It is significantly more power efficient (just 2.5W at idle!), more powerful, capable and will be supported by future versions of pfSense!

We are excited to replace our old hardware and expect to see a noticeable change in our hydro bill. We are also excited to use pfSense 2.4 and the new features that come with it to continue to secure our network and provide internet to our members & guests.

We want to send out a very big “Thank You” to the Netgate & pfSense team for supporting us!