Makerspace Nanaimo Makes Donation to Literacy Central Vancouver Island

Literacy Central VI runs a computer donation program that helps supply families in need with computer systems, everything from the power cables to the mouse.  We’re happy to be able to contribute, donating 10 LCD monitors for the cause!

Picture of 10 black LCD monitors in the back of a Makerspace Nanaimo member's vehicle for delivery to Literacy Central VI
10 Monitors, ready to donate

Literacy Central VI does a great service to Nanaimoites, and we are proud of what they do.  Keep on keepin’ on!

Game Night

Hey, all!

Starting Fridays at 7, we’ll be setting up Games Nights. These will be primarily socially-oriented events, whether board games, card games, video games, or any other kind of game that attendees are interested in. If you’re interested in kicking back and spending a little time having fun, drop on by! This event will also be open to the public, so if anyone you know might be interested, they’re welcome to drop in too.

Saturday Work Party – Nov. 8th

This Saturday we’ll be hosting another work party – the goal this time will be to clean up our spaaaaaace a bit, including the exterior of the building. There’s some metal trash we need to take out, and lots of detritus from the grand opening that’s still clogging up the front of the wood shop. Any help we can get with regards to this would be well-appreciated! We had the place shining for our grand opening, and it’d be wonderful to see it that way again!

New Sign

It was a great day today – We got our sign vinyled and ready to put back up, to show everyone right where we are!

Mark and Cliff setting up our wonderful new sign!
Closeup of the vinyl before the big reveal
It’s beautiful!