Soldering Workshop – Saturday, Nov. 21, 1pm

Soldering Workshop – Saturday, Nov. 21, 1pm

Makerspace Nanaimo will be hosting a level 1 soldering workshop on Saturday, Nov. 21 at 1pm.

In this workshop we will be learning how to solder a blinky light. This will include identifying each of the components, locating where they go on the circuit board, and soldering them in place. The circuit uses a capacitor, LED light, resistor, transistors and battery pack.
We also go over how to clean your soldering iron tip, the safety of soldering and stripping wires.
Makerspace Nanaimo will provide all of the tools, equipment, and kits.

The workshop will cost: (all proceeds go towards further development of Makerspace Nanaimo and workshops just like this one!)
Non-Members – $20.00
Members – $15.00
We accept cheque, cash and credit card – sorry no debit

**Space is limited due to the amount of soldering irons, so be sure to sign up early by emailing SOLDERING@MAKERSPACENANAIMO.ORG

Sponsored by BC Robotics