• Makerspace Nanaimo

    A community-operated workspace for everyone.
  • Build Something

    Work on projects in our shop.
  • Our Tools Or Yours

    Make use of our tool collection, or bring your own.
  • Learn New Skills

    Electronics. Metalwork. Woodwork. Sewing. Programming.
  • Meet Fellow Makers

    Come see what your neighbours are creating.
  • Join Us!

    $20/month supervised access, $40/month full membership.

About Makerspace Nanaimo

Makerspace Nanaimo is an open community lab: a blend of workshop, studio space, social hub and educational facility where members can share tools, resources and knowledge to build just about anything.

What goes on at a Makerspace?

On any given day you might have people woodworking, someone welding, a couple of programmers debugging code, someone at the bench soldering, and others socializing or playing foosball.

There are also regular meetings to address club logistics and make decisions that affect our members and the space. Full members can participate in this process.

Occasionally, members put on courses or clinics on topics they have some ability in.

Who can join?

Anyone! Artists, crafters, engineers, computer programmers, electronics experts... all are welcome. Makerspace Nanaimo is a place to share knowledge across disciplines; Come share your skills and learn some new ones!

How much does it cost?

There are two membership levels; Friend ($20.00/month) and Full ($40/month).

Become A Member

Friend Membership

$20 per month, or $220 yearly

  • Escorted access to the space.
  • Supervised use of tools.
  • Attend operations meetings, social events, and classes.
  • Work on Makerspace group projects

Full Membership

$40 per month, or $440 yearly

  • Unescorted, 24x7 access to the space!
  • Unsupervised use of tools
  • Use of donated materials.
  • Work on Makerspace group projects.
  • Vote on group decisions at operations meetings.
  • Attend social events and classes.


Makerspace Nanaimo relies on donations of tools, equipment and materials from the community. If you or your organization have usable or repairable items that you think might be put to good use by our members, we would very much appreciate your donation.

Some things we are currently looking for:

  • Woodworking and metalworking tools and equipment
  • Networking gear and supplies
  • Desktop computers (max 5 years old) and LCD monitors
  • Soldering equipment and electronics supplies
  • Desks, chairs, stools
  • First aid equipment

Please fill out this form to begin the donation process. We will get in touch to set a pickup date.

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